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I use to have an email form or my "contact me" pages. Hopefully I won't have to switch back to that because of too much spam.

You can email me at paul at You'll have to remove the spaces, of course.

CURRENT NEWS: I seem to have recovered from my two blood cancers, and I stayed out of the hospital for all of 2016! Yay. That's the first time since 2010. I expected to have loads of free time because of that, but I don't. I try to answer all my emails anyway.

My current projects:

  • Completing my book refuting Papal Primacy
  • Completing my book documenting my leukemia experience
  • Creating a series of Bible studies building a more apostolic and biblical foundation than I see in American churches.

These three projects are progressing well.

The navbar to the left will get you to wherever you want to go on my site. My favorite and most informative sections are my and best blogs.